Term I - 524 - Instructional Technology

Course Description

Explore technology systems related to educational environments. Investigate and analyze a variety of technologies for delivering and developing instruction. Discuss history, trends and issues in instructional design and technology: develop common understanding of the basic vocabulary and underlying principles of the field; gain an initial familiarity with major issues in the field; create frameworks that are foundational to life long professional development.

Learning Outcomes

- Be able to use basic terminologies with comprehension;
- Understand differences between instructional technology, performance technology, and other related concepts;
- Compare various instructional design models that are developed over time;
- Become familiar with the fundamental theories of learning and their contribution to the field of instructional technology;
- Understand major issues in the field in their historical context;
- Create frameworks that are foundational to career development and lifelong professional development.


Instructional Technology was one of my first core IT classes. This class went over the meaning of instructional design, what the program offers, what jobs a graduate can aquire and how to communicate what instructional design is to other people.

Below I have included a letter that was written to explain the nature of instrucitonal design. The PDF file was created by using adobe acrobat pro 9.